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Managing your website just got easier

Between engaging and communicating with your audience, and maintaining your events, member and donor databases, your organizational data and website content can quickly become an unmanageable nightmare. With Samaritan Consulting's unique Argus® platform, you can now easily manage all of this and more from one secure location, anytime, anywhere.

Quick, simple website management

With Samaritan Consulting's Argus® web platform, anyone can add new pages to a website in minutes. In fact, using the out of the box web page templates, you could structure a site, including primary site navigation and main pages, in about  30 minutes. Once the site structure is in place, you can use our full-featured security and publishing framework to delegate content entry and updates to any staff member. And since the entire application runs in all popular modern web browsers, you and your staff can add and update content from any location.

Power to the people

Give your staff and members access to any web page for any of your managed websites. Allow them to be involved, while maintaining complete control over who, when and where your content is publicly available. Everything can be managed from anywhere, anytime, using any modern web browser.

Switch from manual to automatic

Do you already have a website that you manage manually? Are you tired of sending an email or calling someone requesting that your website content be updated? Wish that you could do it yourself? The wait is over. We can easily import your existing websites, blogs and more into our powerful content management platform.

You can use a word processor? You can update your site

If you have ever use Microsoft Word or a similar word processor, you will immediately grasp how easy it is to update your content. With our WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") editor, you can edit text, format fonts, sizes and colors, align text, insert pictures, documents, videos and more.

Post upcoming events

Post your events complete with dates and detailed descriptions to an event calendar on your site. Set begin and end dates for events, which will automatically add and remove events from the calendar.

Custom website design

Is your website design stale? Would you like to freshen it up, or give it a total makeover. If so, our creative and experienced designers will work with you to reinvent your website with a fresh design that reflects your organization's mission and personality.

Secure access

Using our robust security and publishing model, you can create entire "mini" websites, specifically for your board, staff or members. You can create secure pages on your main website, and define who can access those pages.

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