Our Solutions

Manage and communicate with your members and supporters

We provide a truly integrated, 360-degree view of all of your data, website content, and member and donor information.  Get an instant, detailed view of the various ways an organization or individual is related to your organization. Our comprehensive interaction details include a history of all actions related to all aspects of your relationships.

Online registrations

Allow visitors to apply for membership, register for events, renew their dues and make donations, all via your secure website. Build custom forms for event registration or event feedback, which automatically tie all information back to a person or organization profile. Create custom email confirmation messages that can be sent automatically when someone registers for an event or submits a donation.

Simplified list management, all in one place

You no longer have to manage multiple list sources for your members, event attendees, donors and volunteers. Your Argus® database allows you to collect and maintain all of this information in one place. With a few clicks, you can create automatically updating lists, so you never have to worry if your information is accurate or up-to-date.  All lists are searchable in a number of ways, by type, event, date, related profile or any custom criteria that you have created. Even more, all of this information can be completely secured via our built-in robust security and publishing features, to prevent unauthorized access or publication. In addition to all of that, we maintain historical records of all updates, so you'll always know who changed what and when.

Communication is key

Create a secure member-specific area of your website to allow members to update their contact information themselves . Quickly reach out and contact your entire membership or donor base, or any select group of people through the built-in email communication tools. From event alerts and reminders, to payment confirmations and renewal notices, easy communication is just a few clicks away.

Reduce manual data entry

With our solutions, once someone registers for an event, or makes a payment or donation online, you can automatically send an email confirmation to the attendee or payee. You'll always have full control of the message content, via the built-in tools that allow you to easily customize any of your automated messages.

Automated tracking

When a donation is made, or someone registers for an event or makes a payment, we automatically record all details of the transaction, and relate all activity to the organization's or person's profile. This means you will always have an up-to-date list of all registrants and payees, per event, payment type and more.

Ready-to-go reporting

You have all of this wonderful information, but now you need to bring it together for a meeting or presentation. With our comprehensive out-of-the-box reporting, you can quickly generate detailed reports, exportable in several common report formats, in just a few clicks.

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