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Create and delivery effective campaigns with ease

Samaritan Consulting's Argus® platform includes all of the tools your organization needs to create effective communications that drive membership, increase donations, raise awareness and inspire participation. Email newsletters, email "blasts", surveys and feedback forms are powerful tools you can use to educate, engage and inform your audience.

Target your audience

You can easily target your audience through topic or event-specific blogs, email newsletters, or by creating "mini" websites based upon specific theme or topic. Allow members or event attendees to post comments or photos from an event, and use customizable event questionnaires to follow up with your event attendees to gain valuable insight into what attendees enjoyed or would like to see at future events.

Keep people in the know

Craft event notification messages promoting your events, and target specific people or groups, all from within your centralized management application. You can target individuals who have attended previous events of the same general topic, or send event reminders to those who have registered for upcoming events.

Unlimited email campaigns

You can create unlimited email marketing campaigns using fully customizable email templates. Send as many as you want with just a few clicks. Send them immediately, or schedule them to be sent at a later date.

Publish your events and more via RSS

Any event list you create is automatically published to an RSS feed, so that those who choose to subscribe to the RSS feed are automatically alerted to a new event or any event detail changes. Additionally, should you choose, the same event list can easily be published to event calendars and listings on any of your managed websites.

Export event lists

Do you need to have the list of registered attendees available to you at an event? Right from within the Event management database, you can easily export the list of attendees for any event to an Excel spreadsheet to take with you.

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