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Easily process and track donations, membership dues and more

Our secure payment processing platform automatically integrates with leading payment processors like PayPal and Authorize.net, which simplifies your online payment and donation acceptance. Additionally, you can leverage the built-in donor and member database to automate online payments for membership renewals and recurring donations.

Secure online donations and payments

Samaritan Consulting's Argus® platform affords you the ability to securely accept online payments and donations. With seemless 3rd-party payment processing integration, every transaction takes place within your website.You can customize the payment information page, and configure and customize automatic confirmation emails. Of course, for those payees who are not comfortable providing their payment information online, you always have the option of manually entering payee information and transaction details via the administration console.

Track every transaction

An up-to-date list of every transaction is always readily available. A high-level overview provides a list of all transactions, the current status (i.e., Pending, Complete, etc.), the reason for the payment, the profile responsible for the payment, and more. From the listing view, you may drill-down into any transaction to see the full details.

Automate. Integrate. Relate.

Our software is smart. It automatically links every transaction to a relationship profile in your Relationship Management database. This means you will no longer have to manually maintain separate donor lists, member payments and renewals, or event registrations. It's all done for you, and is quickly accessible throughout the web-based administration console.

Saving time = you, happy

Create email marketing campaigns and follow-up communication lists that are automatically updated as donations are made, new members join the organization, or as people register for your events. Now you can easily send out mass communications or confirmations without wasting valuable people-time manually compiling lists.

Optimized? Oh yeah

We have spent countless hours making sure that your fundraising events can be found on the web. Automatically generated and updated RSS feeds are available for all supporting content, such as events and news items, and the website content URLs are prepped for Search Engine friendliness.

Reporting for duty

It is important to gauge event popularity, to know how many people attend your events, how many sign up but do not complete the registration process, or determine which events raise the most donations. These types of reports and more are included.  Standard.

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