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Manage the full data lifecycle of your organization

Often, limited resources leave not-for-profit organizations using multiple, disparate applications to record and maintain information about the organization, its members, donors, and funds. Samaritan Consulting's Argus® platform aims to solve the problem of disconnected data and unwieldy processes by consolidating spreadsheets, address books, lists and other database systems into one unified platform. With our unique solutions tailored specifically for not-for-profit organizations, you will have a complete view of all of your relationships and activities, and your entire staff can assist with managing the data.

Customizable dashboard view

From the first moment you log in to your application, you will know it was designed specifically for you. The user is immediately presented with quick access to all worklist items, alerts, settings and more. Additionally, other commonly accessed areas of the application are just a click away.

Focus on content, not software

You know your organization and its processes better than anyone. So, we have made it easy for you to avoid the distractions caused by data entry fields that do not fit your situation or organization. With a few clicks, the fully customizable fields can be added or removed to suit your data entry needs. Don't see a field you need? Add it. Yes, it is that simple.

Create custom fields

Quickly add any type of custom field to anything. Want an extra list of options to choose from when filling out an event form? How about a checkbox or rich text editor field? With the Argus® platform, you can add any number of custom fields to any item.

We grow with you

Our software is built to scale and evolve along with your organization. Feature requests and User Interface enhancements are frequently added to the platform. If there is something unique to your organization, our team will be glad to work with you to design and build custom solutions atop the Argus® platform.

Collaboration with control

You can designate anyone to be a content contributor or editor, reducing the time required to add or update existing content on your sites. The Argus® content authoring features offer flexibility and ease-of-use, all wrapped in a robust secure publishing platform that affords you complete control over your users and your content.

Affiliate autonomy

Respect the individuality of your affiliates and chapter organizations by providing affiliate-specific customizations.  Allow affiliates access to a centralized content and relationship management platform, while maintaining ultimate control of all data with permissions controls and customized reporting.

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