About Us

Our Process Starts With You

Our team works with you from the start, listening to you describe the strengths and goals of your organization, and what you wish to accomplish with your online presence. It is important for us to understand who you are and how your organization works. We will meet with you in person or via teleconference to assess the current state of your website and organization operations.

Initial analysis and design

After we have a good feel for your needs and what you are trying to accomplish, we meet with you to review your current processes and how those processes can be streamlined with the use of our Argus® solutions platform. We then discuss the look and feel of your website, and determine what changes you wish to make. We also discuss your ecommerce options, campaign design options, and existing data that needs to be imported and how that will be accomplished.

Implementation and Staging

After the initial series of meetings, we begin working on any design changes for your site, the importing of your existing data, and the implementation of your website administration console. We work with you throughout this process to ensure that we're on track and to keep you aprised of our progress. Once we've settled on the design and the data import process is complete, we provide you with a "staging" site, which you use to begin working with the application, and enter any additional data.

Testing and Going Live

Once the design is complete and receives your final approval, and all intial data has been imported and entered, we conduct extensive testing on the site to ensure that everything is in working order. We then meet with you for a final review of the "staging" site and upon receiving your approval, the site is made live and is available for the world to see at your selected domain(s).

Ongoing maintenance and support

After your site is live, we continue to work on improvements, enhancements and new features, which are automatically deployed to your application, which means that your web administration tool and website(s) are always up-to-date with the latest features and usability enhancements. Should you have any questions or issues with your website or administration tools, we are available via phone, email, teleconference or in-person, to handle your inquiries as quickly as possible.

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