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Here Are Some Questions Others Have Already Asked

Why do you focus on not-for-profit organizations?

You can consider us philanthropists at heart. We are caring, compassionate people who understand the necessity, real value and significance of not-for-profit organizations and their role in our society. We've also worked for and with some of the largest corporations in the world. It quickly became obvious to us, through our own personal exposure to not-for-profit organizations, that there was a real gap between the quality and capabilities of corporate-level software applications and those types of applications that are available to not-for-profits, particularly because of cost and complexity. So, we set out to address and close that gap. We wanted to provide not-for-profit organizations the same robust applications, coupled with the superior customer service that they deserve. We also knew that the budgets of not-for-profits were considerably different than those of corporations, so we spent a lot of time developing our architecture in such a way that would allow us to minimize the complexity and maximize the efficiency of our platform which, in turn, allows us to offer and deliver a superior experience to not-for-profits and at an unprecendented price point.

My budget doesn't allow me to redesign my website at this time. Can you convert my existing website and its design to be controlled by your Argus platform?

Absolutely! We understand that budget constraints exist, and that you can't always do everything you want at one time. We've worked in this manner with many of our clients, who simply aren't prepared to take on redesigning their website at the time that they hire us. As described in our process, we can take the existing data from your existing website and import that information for you into your new Argus®-based website(s), as well as importing your existing contacts and other lists of information that you currently maintain.

What payment options do you offer? Can I pay for my software and services on a monthly or bi-monthly basis?

We offer serveral different payment options, ranging from all at once to monthly or bi-monthly payment plans. We can structure the software deployment and any extra services you choose, such that the work we perform for you is aligned with a schedule that satisfies your budget constraints and payment abilities. We've worked with many of our clients to make sure that their budget requirements and constraints do not prevent them from getting the software and services that they need, when they need it.

What if your software doesn't do something I need it to do. Can you make it do what I need? What are the costs involved?

When we set out designing the Argus® platform, it was imperative to us that you should be able to reasonably customize our platform to suite your needs. People who buy software don't like spending a lot of extra money trying to get the software to do exactly what they want it to do. On the other hand, it is virtually impossible to build a software platform that fits every organization type or business type like a glove. It is often inevitable that a software solution does not offer some functionality that is desired or required by the user. When this is the case, we work with you to determine the exact wants and needs you are trying to address. We then spend time analyzing what we would need to do to add your requested features to the existing platform. If we determine that everyone that uses our software would benefit from any enhancements or new features that you require, we don't charge you for adding these enhancements or new features. The only "cost" is the time required for us to build the enhancements or features. However, if we determine that your requested features or enhancements are something very specific to your organization or business, and that no one else would possibly benefit from the features or enhancements, we would charge you our hourly rate to complete the work.

What programming language did you use to create Argus®? How is my data stored?

The Argus® platform is written and developed using the Microsoft .Net framework, and our databases are powered by Microsoft SQL Server database server. Every computer server in our hosting environment runs on either Windows 2003 Server or Windows 2008 Server. We chose to develop using the .Net framework because most of our development experience was gained using Microsoft programming languages, and because Micosoft Windows Server and .Net are the #1 deployed application server platform. Additionally, Microsoft SQL Server is the #1 database server used by enterprises for mission-critical applications. Both the .Net framework and SQL Server are well established, mature platform products that help ensure solid, reliable application security, performance and support.

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