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We're Independent, Passionate, and Want to Make Things Better

In 2006, after being frustrated by the inelegance of existing software, and constantly dealing with disparate systems that made managing content and relationships unnecessarily difficult, we decided to solve these problems for ourselves and others. Clearly, a different approach was needed.

Simplicity and sophistication can coexist

We believe the most elegant and sophisticated systems are the ones that conceal the complexities involved. These systems are intelligent and sophisticated under the surface, and yet remain easy-to-use and intuitive. Contrasting the cryptic interfaces of existing systems, we strive to build solutions that are clearly understood and simple to use.

Software doesn't have to be expensive

After years of experience, we've come to accept that you often do not get what you pay for. Expensive software solutions rarely live up to their promises, and most often the people who purchase these solutions are dissatisfied with the ratio of cost to usefulness and value. Additionally, even when worth what you pay, many solutions are cost prohibitive to all but the largest companies and organizations. We recognized that there was a large gap between what was available and what small to medium-sized organizations could reasonably afford. We set out to utilize our expertise in planning and developing large, enterprise software platforms, and to boil that down to a set of useful, cost-effective solutions that even the smallest organizations can afford.

Customer service is vital

We're going to stay away from the clichés and just say that we despise automated phone systems and impersonal communication. We value engaging verbal and in-person communication with everyone we work with. We expect attentiveness and responsiveness, and we're fairly certain you want the same. We want to treat our clients the way that we expect to be treated: sincerely, fairly, and honestly.

Small and lean means responsive

We've worked for big companies. Huge companies. Global companies. And one thing that becomes very apparent very quickly is that, generally speaking, the larger the company, the slower the progress and the less responsive the company is to its client's needs and requests. With large companies, there are simply too many impeding processes, too many hierarchical levels to traverse when trying to get anything done. We enjoy being a small, lean company. It keeps us on our toes. It means that we can be very responsive to our clients. It means that we can quickly add new features and enhancements to our already robust solutions. For you, it means constant satisfaction.

Constant improvements without constant costs

We're perfectionists. And while we realize that perfection is rarely attainable, it's what we strive for daily. We never stop making our solutions better, faster, and even more useful than they already are. Because our solutions are web-based and centrally managed, we can easily deliver enhancements and new features to all of our clients at a relatively rapid pace. And because of our unique software architecture and development practices, these enhancements and improvements can be made efficiently and quickly, which means your software is always up-to-date with the latest and greatest, at no cost to you.

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